Hello. My name is Konstantin and I’m of mixed European ancestry. I speak 5 languages, 3 of them fluently. I’d like to welcome you to my blog on overcoming life’s difficulties in the most positive and intelligent way.

I decided to start this blog because I think I have something unique to offer the world. I believe that my life experiences and ideas could help a lot of people who share my uneasiness with the “normal” way of life. My intention is to provide value to people who want to change their lives for the better. This blog is about struggle and overcoming.

Even before graduating from university, I had discovered that living a 9 to 5 life was, to me, a form of slavery. So, one day, coaxed by a new friend I made on my travels, I began to question my own ideas and to make new distinctions in my life. I began to educate myself about everything that interested me: Biology, computers, linux, anti-aging medicine, relationships, nlp & hypnosis techniques, internet marketing and much, much more.

I used this knowledge to turn my life around completely, making positive changes in practically every aspect one can think of. I overcame shyness, crushed my social anxiety, dramatically reduced my stress level and turned myself into a model of good health.

I believe that anyone can make changes to improve his or her life, but that many people don’t have the tools: They are lost, floating, blowing in the wind. I certainly know that I was!

That’s what the Life Sucks blog is about. I’m going to share my ideas and the ideas I’ve gotten from others as well as sharing some personal experiences that prove that all of us can turn things around to some extent, regardless of circumstances.

Currently, I would describe myself as a 32-year-old former stock-trader, long-time natural health researcher, neigong enthusiast and fledgling internet entrepreneur. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, music, mountaineering, meeting interesting women, studying whatever interests me and Piazzolla.


Have you ever felt that something was wrong with the world as it is? As though the world were full of lies, deceit, bullshit politics, dogmatic beliefs, unreality? Have you ever thought “life sucks, I hate life, I don’t belong here” or anything similar? That there was no way to be authentic in this life and get what you want?

That you had to fake it, to falsify yourself for job interviews, bullshit office politics, university life, social clique status? Do you feel that you have to falsify yourself in order to make your relationships successful? Do you have to succumb to social pressure in order to achieve success? Could it be that it’s all hopeless and that happiness is an unreachable ideal? No wonder life sucks!

Well, it’s all true. The world is bullshit. Let’s face it, politics is bullshit, tv newscasts are bullshit. When they’re not lying to us, they’re busy keeping us distracted with stupid “news stories” that we are never meant to retain. A constant stream of meaningless distractions which keep us away from coming to terms with our own lives in a meaningful and positive way.

I believe that in the midst of this constant stream of pre-programmed gibberish:

We, as individual conscious beings, have the power to come to a crucial realization:

That our own personal web of thoughts could be false as well.

Ask yourself this:

Could your own interpretations of reality be causing your misery? Could it be that life itself doesn’t suck, and that in reality it is your life that sucks? And worse, that you have contributed to your own problems without realizing it?

This is the starting point of my blog. I seek to provoke my readers into questioning their own beliefs, into seeing their lives more objectively, and getting out of both externally-imposed and self-inflicted dead ends.

Personally, I started to change completely when a new friend I had made on my travels in the Mediterranean challenged me to look into my own ideas. Suddenly, I began to take full account of the drunken monkey in my head, the narrator that was interpreting my life.

And I realized that even when one is morally right, beliefs can be formed in reaction to all the negative external influences, that these beliefs can often be false, and that they can actually be the chains that tie us down and ruin the rest of our lives. They can affect and even dominate our relationships, careers and everything else in our lives.

So life-improvement begins with taking a good look at one’s own thoughts and beliefs. As an old Chinese book said:

“Can you step back from your own mind and thus understand all things?”

This insight is the true beginning to a better life. The rest? The rest is mere application.

So yes, the matrix may have you, but freeing yourself from it is as simple as stepping back from your own mind. This blog will take a peek behind appearances and point to a deeper level of “reality.” It will provide a multi-disciplinary approach to self-transformation, including information about practical philosophy, psychology, health, and everything related to impacting our lives in a positive way.

And hopefully, it will help a few people in the process.